Tuesday, April 14, 2015

72 Wonderful Hours of MQX!

Ronald's Flight received two ribbons at MQX in New Hampshire!

He won the 
"Faculty Award" from Candace West
and the "Founders Award" from Lisa Shelke

Crazy thing is that Ronald is taking his Certified Pilots Teachers License this week!
And will be teaching up and down the east coast this summer!

 is the form that hung with his quilt!

I am so... Thankful I received Ronald as one of my sons!

I was so... happy that my mom was able to be there with me!

With Mary Schilke!

The Swedish Double Chain did not receive any ribbons however
I was honored to have two quilts in this event.

My mom and I!

I was able to take a few wonderful classes, one was from  Bethanne Nemesh and
another from Karen Machetti

 Here is a few of Bethanne's quilts!

The detail is just amazing!

Also took a fantastic class with Judy Madsen.  
Do you recognize the quilt behind me from the cover of her book?

Here are my buddies!
My mom and Sherrie from Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild
Sherri is also a Nolting longarm quilter.

Diane the founder of the Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild
Diane is starting to apply her talent to L/A quilting as well!

Sherri with her beautiful quilt that was in the show.

And Nancy that I recently meet at QuiltCon in Austin a few weeks ago!
Nancy is also a professional longarm quilter.

 What I left knowing!
Taking a chance is worth it.
Support from family and friends--is the best.
Being open to new things has so many rewards.
If you keep searching you find your path.

"In order for you to profit from your mistakes, you have to get out and make some."