Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Is It Really Wednesday?

 Actually I had know idea what today was!
I am so.. off schedule.
And yes this is my 2nd post today.
So..... my WIP this week is....

We were asked at the "Birds Of A Feather" longarm quilting
 retreat that was held in Virginia Beach a few weeks
 ago to take home a quilt and quilt it.
The quilts are for
which is presented by Quilters Dream Batting Company.
Click on above links if you are interested in helping.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
 linked at Freshly Pieced
Till We Quilt Again, 


  1. Your feathers are beautiful! We're currently talking feathers on Twitter, so it's nice to see different ones. I like the added spines, they really show off the variegated thread.

    1. Thanks so much! There seems to be several variations with the feathers which makes it fun to try new types. Plus I like the look of variegated thread on solids--it just adds something! Thanks for stopping by!


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