Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fun Playing And Giving!

For the past two years I've attended
retreat hosted by
The Virginia Longarm Network.   
This is a time where longarmer's come together for a
 weekend of learning, sharing and laughing!

Friday nights activity is to gather and construct
quilts as a group.
 We are then asked to take one home and quilt it.

Once completed we return the quilt to
where they are entered into the
then auctioned
to raise money for this wonderful cause. 

So while quilting for this cause, I played with
rulers, stencils, free motion and...

for the first time, put binding on the quilt while
it was on the longarm.

This was fun!


So consider, to make something, while learning something
 all while you give something!
Everyone Wins!
Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Nice quilting! What did you think of sewing the binding on while it was on the frame? Is it a technique you'd want to do often?

    1. Hi Barb, I will absolutely do it again, however I think the trick is to make sure the quilt is SQUARE or sew it down to be square.

  2. You certainly played well with that quilt ~ the quilting is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Diane, it is a win-win all the way around. Helps a great cause and helps me to learn new things!

  3. Awesome quilting! I think the clamshells are my favorite. I have to put them on my list of designs to try.

  4. Hope you didn't look to close! This was about P-P-P (practice). Funny how I got bored by the time I completed a row-HaHa

  5. Wow....that is beautiful quilting and the quilt is soooo cheery!!! Your practicing is going VERY well. You're right everyone wins!

    1. Hope you didn't look too close, those clam shells need allot more P-P-P. That's the name of the game!!!


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