Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Over the past 30 days .....

During the past month

Quilted Valencia's quilt.
Love how she pieced the back.

She wanted a simple allover meander.

 This is a gift for Valencia's son.

I finished this quilt that I had started in the 80's.
(Yes-I do realize some of you had not been born yet!)

This is my March 'Year of Finishes'

Donated this to a wonderful organization for
children called CASA.

 Then it was off to Vermont for our yearly
skiing vacation!
(here's some of the boys)
Chelsey teaching Kiara how to knit!

After the cold in Vermont, repacked and went
south to lie under this palm tree.

Float in this pool!

Sit on this beach!

And bike-ride with a long time friend in
Palm Beach, Florida!
 And last--but for sure not least!
It was off to our second annual "Sew What" weekend.
(who snuck that corner piece?)
With my dear friend's Denise and Chelsey.
(They are a mother and daughter team)
 A few months ago Chelsey moved over to the NJ side.
This view is from her apartment lot.
(we had a perfect 60 degree day)
 First stop was Chelsea Market!
What a fun place this is.

  The produce stand is a walk-in refrigerator!
We needed Blood Oranges for a future salad. 

 We walked along the" The High Line" which is the old train rails converted into a walking path above the streets in the city .
(you can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance)
Made our annually trip to  "City Quilter"
A must for any quilter in NYC!

Had coffee in Bryant park.
(was really there to practice my run-way walk)

Grand Central Station

We saw "Once" a musical on Broadway.
And then to JoJo's a fantastic French Restaurant.
Both were Wonderful!

 Then it was the 10 minute ferry ride back to Chelsey's

 Sunday it was time to sew!
Chelsey's pieced this beauty.
 Denise cut out a future quilt and
I was English Paper piecing a gift
 (so I can't show it yet).

We planned to return home late Sunday night.
However we left earlier to bet the snow.
So we woke up to this the next morning!

And here are a few beloved
Swedish Leprechauns.
Hope you had a wonderful St Patrick's Day!  
Till We Quilt Again,
(which shall be soon since I am home for awhile)


  1. Well, I certainly had fun just looking at your photos - good times were had by all, it seems. Thanks for sharing! (P.S. Your multi-colored feathers are joyful!)

  2. Hi Barb, Now that I am home and not trotting up and down the coast--I may just get a few more things done! The feathers are a fun one to play with since there are so many options. However I got bored so I did the row in other designs--Go Figure!

  3. I need a breath after reading everything you did in a short amount of time! I don't know how you do it! I love the swedish leprechauns, they're so cute! I'm so grateful I was included in some of your fun! Looking forward to more fun times!


    1. Traveling is wonderful-since allot of it is together with you and I sure do enjoy your company! However I am back in the Real World and that is good also! But the best part is that the people I travel with are also in my Real World--so I get to have you and them all the time!!! Life Is Good!


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