Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Stories In My Mind!

Vintage Finds!

When I quilt on these lost forgotten treasures I wonder....
What was she like?
In what part of the world did this start its journey?
Was there a family?
Why hadn't she finished?
Were they rich, poor, happy, content, lost. lonely etc.....

And dreamy thoughts drift in while I touch and feel her art and what she had envisioned. 

So by the end of the quilt I have created a person that I know allot more about.  I maybe revealing a crazy side but it is fun to have a picture in my head, the time period and imagine her in her home with her family.

I have been lucky to have been gifted and professionally quilt for others, some VERY old and worn pieces that may have been made during difficult and hard times. That is when I also enjoy listening to audio books from that time period and I envision a story that the quilt projects. 

 Could they be ghosts?

What I have discovered about me is.....
I always considered myself more of a 
contemporary or modern quilter.
And look at me now!

Till We Quilt Again,

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  1. Anything I find that was loved by someone else is catalyst for all kinds of stories for me too! Which doesn't really help your argument for being sane, most people think both of us are "out there", but I wouldn't wanna be "out there" with anyone's a fun place! Lovely usual.

  2. While the peacock is very traditional, the quilting is certainly modern. I picked up a lot of quilting supplies from an estate sale last summer, and in it was a red work embroidery Christmas panel. My initial instinct was sadness that the quilter didn't get to finish her masterpiece. And then I thought, "What would my kids/family think if they went through my sewing room to discover projects that have been mislaid. Would they feel sorry for me? Or would they just know that I either lost interest in the project, didn't have time for it, or totally forgot about it?" I wouldn't want them to read anything into it. So in that perspective, I took the romanticism out of my find and will someday work it into a quilt for someone to enjoy.

  3. I love peacocks! You quilting is really stunning and what a wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading it :)


  4. That peacock is certainly a gorgeous piece, and your quilting makes it just perfect. Since I quilt mostly for charity, I find myself having the same sorts of thoughts about the unknown recipients of my work. Who are they? What rough times are they going through? Will they laugh or cry under my quilt? Will it mark an ending, or a beginning?


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