Wednesday, April 8, 2015

We Are Off!

Right about now we are traveling or pulling into MQX in Manchester New Hampshire.
After reading about this show for years, I always wondered if I my quilts could make it in!

Well they did.....and not only one-- but two did!
You can see them here and here.

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Till We Quilt Again,


  1. SO excited for you!! Cannot wait to see your quilts hanging in the show :D Have a great time and um, did you make your bags??? They are all kinds of awesome!!

  2. Cheers for getting two into MQX! Both are clever. I've loved the helicopter quilt from the start, so I'm especially glad to see it receive its due notice.

  3. We'll be looking forward to your adventure being shared upon your return! You helicopter quilt is sure to be a winner! Have fun!

  4. Wow, both of those quilts are gorgeous. Your quilting is incredible. Good luck!


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