Monday, April 6, 2015

Goal For April!

This month it will be more of a challenge to get the simplest projects done.  The next 5 months require me to be prepared if I am to accomplish anything fibery.  So I have been prepping for upcoming challenges, retreats, gifts and quilting for customers. 

This month I am going easy on myself. My goal is to finish this baby quilt that will be a gift as soon as it is done!

Till We Quilt Again,

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  1. You and I sound like we have the same schedule. My goal is a baby quilt, too. Nice to get something finished, eh?

  2. Those are luscious colors!

  3. OMG!! What is that fabric?? You can do it and I know it will look fabulous :D Well, it already looks fabulous but I'm guessing quilting is all that is left? "All" I say that like it's a small part ;)

  4. Love love love it!!! Good luck!

  5. lucky baby ~ so gorgeous!

  6. Organization is your specialty you'll be fine, you always accomplish so much with the time you have, everyone I know is amazed by you! I gather inspiration from your determination!! That quilt is sooooooo colorful! It's screams, hey Helen made me, can you tell??? Love it and I hope your next 6 months are calm, quick and prosperous!!



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