Monday, October 20, 2014

For The Happy Couple!

I am so looking forward to this wedding!
Our best-man's daughters is having a winter 
wonderland wedding this December. 
In a lovely seaside Victorian B & B.

 This was the shower gift given over the weekend.
The center of each star is the same fabric as the border.
It is the stack and whack technique.

I tried different photos settings and many photos
 did not turn out well. What a bummer.
The background is a deep dark black.

Till We Quilt Again,

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  1. This is beautiful. Using the border fabric in the block centres like that is amazing. The fabric is not recognisable at first glance. I love it.

  2. Just stunning.Love everything about this quilt.Great job!

  3. Great quilt! I love how the stack-n-whack totally changes the appearance of the fabric. I'll have to remember this and give it a try!

  4. The most beautiful setting of stack 'n whack blocks I've ever seen ~ just gorgeous!

  5. It's beautiful! Is it at Angel by the Sea? We stayed there, it's gorgeous!

  6. Truly lovely quilt - did she just love it? Your photos make the background fabric look like a deep blue. Either way, I like it!

  7. That is such a beautiful quilt!!! The stars have a sparkle to them.

  8. Love, love love!! Adding the stack and whack to the centers was pure genius! Congrats to the happy couple. . . both on the upcoming wedding and receiving this most awesome quilt :)

  9. Oh my goodness, this is lovely! What a beautiful gift for the couple! I just noticed (reading the JS post below) that you're a New Jersian! I have a sister there -- outside of Princeton. It's a very lovely state! :)

    1. I live at the most southern part of the state. The Delaware is walking distance and the ocean is 4 miles the other way.
      One of my closest friend out side of the Princeton area. it is a beautiful area (Hamilton Square).


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