Monday, April 21, 2014


You will not find a quilt today,
however you may find a few quilting designs!
Over the weekend I took a break from quilting. 
I relaxed on the deck, taking in all the
wonderful spring sounds! 
 And doodled on these sneakers!
 Up Close!

Hope You Had A Wonderful Easter!
   stitch by stitch
Patchouli Moon Studio's Weekend Link Party
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Till We Quilt Again,

Something To Think About:
If the #2 pencil is so popular, why is it still #2?  


  1. First - that coconut cake is to die for!

    Now about those sneakers ~ I want a pair! I know that art work must have taken hours. I understand now why you're so great at long arm quilting. Those patterns are perfect and so intricate!

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  2. I LOVE them!! How fun....great job!


  3. AWESOME! I can just see you wearing them and I know they will definitely make you run faster and jump higher. Why? Because you be stylin'!

  4. Utterly awesome, endlessly entrancing and reminiscent of a meditating labyrinth. I truly enjoyed gazing at the artwork.

  5. Sneakerdoodles, lol!!! I love the name. I have doodled on fabric and it's so fun. Can I ask what pen you used to doodle your sneakers?

    1. Hello Patchouli, I used a fine sharpie for most of the shoe. However, I also used a sharpie "Double Dry" marker and as you can see some of the lines are smudgy(11th photo down). I will not use that again!
      I just referred to wearing Patchouli in a recent post "Friends on Friday"--Love that Oil!

    2. Thank you Helen. Thanks for linking this post on my Weekend Link Party too. :0)

  6. Oh these are absolutely adorable and fun!!!! So creative and inspiring!!!

  7. I have shared it with my friends. thank you.وکیل چک


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