Friday, April 18, 2014

Friends On Fridays-Valencia

This one of two quilts that Valencia made in the same color way!
This is the front of #1

Back of Quilt #1

Quilt #2 Front

Quilt #2 Back
Valencia is new to quilting .
I think this is her third quilt!
The photos do not capture the crisp colors.
I am a fan of aqua, black and white!
                                       Quilt # 1                                 Quilt #2
                             Size-94 x 94                                    101 x 93
                         Batting-Hobbs 80/20                        Hobbs 80/20
                        Quilting- Allover meander                 Allover meander
Till We Quilt Again,

1 comment:

  1. Valencia has a great eye for color! I love those colors too. Lovely quilting as usual.



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