Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This is a lap/wall quilt to be auctioned at
a Rotary Gala!
 My sis-in-law is the new President!
On the night of this event last year, my mother & I were in Houston.
And while there, I was on a mission to purchased this
good looking guy below
Opps! I mean Nolting Long Arm (more about him later).


 One year ago, last night, is when Hurricane Sandy hit the New Jersey Coast.

In this past year so much has happened in our household.

But we have plenty of time to chat about that later.
I thought since I joined the WIP Posting event--
I should actually take part in it!
I am linked with Lee
 WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
So.....Till I am Finished and
Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Gorgeous! And does hubby know about the other man?


  2. Thanks Diane. I am amazed how much support my hubby has with all time I spend with Nick (my name for him), but it is funny how much more I support the game of Golf since meeting Nick.HaHa!

  3. That quilt is gorgeous, I love the appliquéd details, what a lovely quilt for charity. Your quilting is always beautiful. Nick isn't too bad either! Nick and Jim are one of a kind. Lucky you!


    1. It is rewarding to try a pattern, technique or ruler that has been sitting waiting patiently for its turn to be used. Plus it is a Win-Win, for the charity and my inner voice! Thank You for commenting!


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