Monday, October 28, 2013

A Year Ago-This Week-With My Mom!

Last year this week, my mother and I were in Houston, Texas.
A long awaited trip that I wouldn't have wanted
to have shared with anyone else.
We laughed and cried while I treasured every minute of it!

Some photos are blurry-I was learning but clear on previous post. 

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At that time, it was a hectic trying to get a earlier flight
 with the onset of Hurricane Sandy's arrival, but we did. 
  (A few miles from our home)
We returned home to our family safe and homes in tack,
having minimal damage in our area.
But many were not so lucky (including my in-laws) .
I didn't post much of this memorable trip, I think since knowing so many had lost so much.
A year later, residents of New Jersey still have a long recovery
 road, while also have came a along way.
As I read from many heading to Houston,
all the excitement and anticipation, I wanted to share our overdue memories
 of Houston 2012.
Thank You Mom, for creating these memories with me.
I know I am the luckiest person to have gotten you as
a Mom, Supporter, Confidant and Most of all Incredible Friend.
Thank You for being You!
Till We Quilt Again,

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  1. It's great creating those kind of memories. I'm thinking I need to do something like that with my mom.
    I think Savannah Georgia or somewhere in Arizona


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