Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Feeling All Warm Inside!

 Martha's Original Design!
It is Beautiful!

 I understand this quilt
became a "Creative Planning" piece.
(We all have been there-we are forced to figure out a construction detour).

 Can you see the sparkly frosted blue?
It was made for this quilt.
 Hard to see in these photos.

I must find out where she got this backing.

  Many friends near and far read this page and I just want to say that this has started a
amazing journey for me, more than I can say.
My mom asked me what is a blog?
And the best way I can describe it is-
Having many Wonderful Pen Pals from all over the World!
It has become "The Gift"
This song "The Gift" by David Nevue is one my favorite songs.

Next time we meet,
I will be chatting about the frogs I ate!

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Cute quilt, I love the swirls on it! The song is just really lovely, thank you for posting!

  2. Great combo of colors in the borders - very nice! I fed the fish while I was here - so they may not be hungry for a little while....

  3. Hello,
    Sewdarnbusy left me this privite message on The Quilt Board. I had mentioned that I would post her comment/recommendations here if she was unable to do so. I love when people make book suggestions!

    Hi Helen, I love your Winter Quilt.... and it's very nicely quilted too. I checked out your blog and book shelf, I love good books. How do I post recommendations for good books? I didn't see any way to post a good book. I am a big fan of Francine Rivers... she wrote a trilogy "Mark of the Lion" It's one of my all time favorites. 1 A Voice in the Wind 2 An Echo in the Darkness 3 As Sure as the Dawn Also... "Redeeming Love" is a page turner too. I couldn't put these books down. Hansi is an old book, but an unforgetable, true story "Hansi" (The girl who loved the swastika by Maria Anne Hirschmann (not the comic book with the same name, Hansi)

  4. Beautiful quilting on that one...the backing is gorgeous...I hope to be able to make a creative detour quilt and then finish it how you did...I will keep working on my quilting...thanx for the inspiration!!



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