Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Viking For A Second Time!

You could be a viking if you live in Minnesota.
I don't.
You could own a viking if you have a Husgurvarna sewing machine.
I use to.
You can be a viking if your family is from Sweden.
Mine is.
And surely you are Viking if you take a cooking class from
The Viking Cooking School in Atlantic City, NJ.
We Just Did!

This past fall my mother and a friend toured France's countryside and Paris. Needless to say they got to enjoy everything in France along with their amazing food. So this year for her Birthday we went to Harrah's Viking Cooking School in Atlantic City, to take a Parisian Patisserie cooking class. Also two of mom's dear friends came to join in on the fun (Sue was the one who was in France with mom).
Since mom is from Sweden and attended the Viking Cooking School.
She has been Crowned Vikinghood twice.

Sit back, turn up the speakers and enlarge the screen.
Click on Play.

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                              Mom's last part of her gift came Wednesday.
                         I will post that in a few days.
                         I will give you a hint.

                             It involved 20,000 people!

                    Till We Quilt Again,

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  1. That was fun! I feel like I was there too!!! What a nice way to spend a day with friends...or a nice birthday for your Mom! Lucky lady!!

  2. You must know us by now! Just Love doing Fun--New Things! I am glad we are friends--now you just need to join us in the future!There is always TONS of Laughs!

  3. What a fun activity for everyone! Lucky Mom!!!!


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