Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friends, Prom & Segways!

This quilt was made for Keith and Lucy as a wedding gift.
At the reception, guests signed the back, in the diamond shapes, as they arrived.
It was a wonderful day.
They truly are meant for each other!

On the back are a few photos, along with the
signitures and a copy of the wedding invitation.

I spent allot of time trying to turn this photo and just could not do it.
This is my handsome son and his beautiful date.
They looked So.... Stunning as a Couple!

Not only did our son go to the Prom but our Niece as well.
She looked so... Pretty in her white and gold dress.

Had to include a photo of Ronald with his best friend.
 He has been apart of our family since kindergarten.

And a full shot of Ronald and his date. Her dress was perfect.

I think we maybe CRAZY!
Philadelphia is not far from our home,
so we took advantage of the weather.
My husband, 2 sons and mother straped on our helmets and cruised the city
by Segways. I was amazed by how much I have not seen of Phila. by car.

We went to Olde City, down town, shopping area, and the art/threater district.
We stopped to see and hear information along the way.
Did not go to Fabric Row.
But would need a car for purchases anyway!
Art/Theater District looking towards William Penn. 

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Gorgeous quilt! Prom pics were so nice. Your son's date's dress was beautiful! Segways...how cool!!

  2. The wall hanging is a great memory for a wedding...and all the signatures on the back...great gift!! The prom pics were great...I love both ladie's dresses...the black one was especially fun! Segways?!?!? That sounds like fun!! I would love to tour a city on one...you didn't run over anyone? Don't know if I could manipulate the segway and sightsee, I probably would run into something or someone! Thanx for sharing that was a fun post!


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