Monday, January 8, 2018

What I have Been Up To!

admit it--I stink at keeping up with the blog. I am really not sure if I will ever be good but the one social media source I am consistant at is Instagram. 

So I am testing this post to be able to get photos off of my IPad with things I have made. Just maybe that might work for me to be more consistant šŸ˜¬šŸ™šŸ˜¬šŸ™

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Pretty applique and adorable pouches!! The pictures look good :D

  2. Wow, they are just beautiful!

  3. Looks like you made the photos stick! You should keep at this blog thing - I am trying, too. But you're right - it's so much easier to post to IG, and for people to give their Likes on it. I've been rethinking blogging, too. But I still think they both have their place. I really like seeing what my quilty friends are up to when they quilt again :)


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