Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Missed The Memo.....

On Buttons!

Buttons were everywhere at QuiltCon. 
Buttons are the new calling cards!  
I was ready to hand out my business cards with a pin
to join in on the Button Frenzy!

This where my buttons now live!

(Yes Lee! I am the fabric Corn Husker Hole contestant that was in your class!)

 This quilt hangs from a ceiling track.
 It is hiding a queen size Murphy bed.

I just slide it over when the bed is needed.

Not wanting to waste space my hubby cut PVC tubes to store Pantographs.
I have to admit-this is not all of them!


And here is what it looks like with the bed down.
And the panto's stay under the bed all in place.

The pictures are very yellow.

Till We Quilt Again,

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  1. Oh look how clever you are - I love the panto storage!!! Triple love it! I have been trying to figure out how to organize mine as they have become a total mess. I'll have to show this to my clever husband and bat my eyes a little bit, hee hee. And you've found the perfect place for your pins. Score!

  2. How fun is this? I love how you are displaying all those pins!

  3. The Murphy bed is a fantastic idea! If I ever build a bigger sewing room...

  4. Fantastic - great use of space, I love it!

  5. What a fantastic use of space, and great quilt! Never seen anything like it!

  6. You are one smart cookie with storing your panto's that way!! Love how you display your pins too!!

  7. Very clever use of space and storage! And I love your QuiltCon quilt.

  8. That's really clever. I love that your used the buttons on the dandelion fabric. It's lots of fun. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love your display of buttons! And your clever murphy bed with the surprise inside of the quilt :)

  10. That's an amazing set up with the storage and the bed. And even more so, the quilt, of course!

  11. I wasn't at QuiltCon, but I too noticed a lot of buttons!! It is like they were made for your quilt! Just wonderful, all of it :)

  12. What an amazing storage solution and use for your buttons. I love your button quilt!

  13. what a fabulous idea for your pantographs ! love your quilt - perfect for holding your buttons :)

  14. The button swapping was really fun, sorry you missed the memo. I'm not sure of the timeline or if you're interested in having a batch made to be part of the after-the-fact pin swap happening through marci_girl on IG for those who have left overs or didn't get a chance to? So nice of her to organize it.

  15. Fantastic use of space and I'm off to pull some Tubing from under the house and make my own storage rack, thanks so much for sharing this idea, now I will be able to find my print offs so easy. Cheers Glenda


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