Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Color Challenge And Ribbons!

At our guild meeting in May we tore a photo from a random magazine at a set time. Our challenge was to return in September with a quilt any size that was not any larger than 24' x 24' or sewn piece using the colors from the photo

Here is my photo!

Must say, these colors were OK 
but I was not a fan.

My personal challenge was not to add any purchased fabric.

Plus to try a new technique!

Since I was on a hexie kick, I was noticing this unusual technique on the web.
Where you glue your basted hexie's and quilt them in a very linear way.

Placement is VERY important!

The stitching is pretty self explanatory.
However not for me.
I did have to do some ripping!

What I learned:
Test iron-- silky poly material melts!
Pleather is not color fast ---it runs!
Stay alert when sewing those straight lines- 
I created my own unique grid at first! 

There were so many participants in the challenge so it was fun to see the 
very imaginative & creative pieces that came in.  

And to my surprise this little piece 
Placed 1st!

The first time I saw this technique was on Nicole's blog at Modern Hand Craft and then on Kelly's blog at Pink A Dot Quilts.
Check them out-both are very talented!

Don't you love the ribbons?

They are made by Denise over at 
It was such a clever idea to use the 
gross grain and zippers!

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. What a great looking project - well done on your 1st prize ribbon! I like the look of this technique, but I'm not sure that I'd have the required accuracy for a neat finish!

  2. Your first place ribbon was well earned, Helen. Those little hexis look fabulous! I have always admired this method of using them, but have never tried it myself. The colour palette is lovely. Reminds me of the season we are just now entering here. Fall. And the ribbons are just too cute! Congratulations!

  3. well deserved ribbon!! I love your colour and the finished piece...very interesting to the eye.

  4. What a fun project. You definitely deserved 1st place.

  5. Your piece turned out great, I love your interpretation! Those ribbons are pretty cool too,

  6. Congrats!! But it is such a gorgeous mini with that hezies and quilting. I love it!!

  7. I have seen this technique before and thought how cute! But I LOVE yours, I love the colors too!! Congrats on the ribbon.

  8. I love this method of using hexies! Your piece is gorgeous and perfectly matches the picture! Congrats on the beautiful ribbon!

  9. Congratulations on your ribbon, very well deserved, I think you followed the brief perfectly. I do love this technique and I know only too well what you mean about placement being very important! :)

  10. Wow - love this idea. I was wondering about a ticker tape quilt with bits just sewn on with the longarm but I love the idea of little hexies. What did you use to mark up your grid?

    1. I used a Fixion pen. However when I went to iron it out I realized that the poly fabric melts. Be careful if you attempt and use something other than cotton while ironing!

  11. This sounds like a really fun challenge! I love that you added two additional challenges for yourself. I have been seeing these hexies all over the place and love them too. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Congrats on the ribbon - it is a gorgeous quilt! I love that you used different types of fabric! Beautifully done :)

  13. That's a really interesting concept for a guild challenge. Congrats on your win. Love the ribbons too.

  14. Nice quilt; nice ribbon! Nice colors to work with.

  15. Nice quilt; nice ribbon! Nice colors to work with.

  16. Looks like the seam ripping worked! :) And yes, super cute ribbons. Who would have thought pleather runs??

  17. What a great challenge! I LOVE those colours, haha - each to their own! Congratulations on the first place too :)

  18. that's how it's done. I love the effect. And the colors turned out to be very pleasing! :-)


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