Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Stars Were Aligned!

A few months ago I spotted this photo on Quilting Mod blogspot from 
when she was at Quilt Market. 
I wanted it and knew I had to get it!

Minutes after entering QuiltCon---guess what was looking right at me!
And can I say that Heather Givan from Crimson Tate is so... incredibly nice!

The designer of this free pattern called Succulent Path is by Sarah at No Hats In The House blogspot.

My dilemma was that yardage was not being sold until mid March.
So.... my buddy Denise from Nini & The Sea blogspot and I took a road trip to 
Rock Scissor Paper in Montclair, NJ. 

What a fun place this is!

And just the way it is suppose to be-------
Rock Scissors Paper had the full line plus lots of yardage for my background!

So from first seeing this quilt back in November, traveling to Austin, Texas 
and hiking up the road--- the Succulent Path has been gathered! 
It may take awhile to complete but that will be another wonderful Journey too!

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. I think I'm an astrologer with all this talk of stars, universe and alignment! That quilt is going to be a beauty, I can't wait to see it completed. The journey of your quilt is filled with potential and awakening, it will be a special one.


  2. Heather and her Succulent line are both spectacular! I don't know that I have seen such a great photo of the quilt that you've show, but it's amazing. I really appreciate you sharing the link to the pattern. I look forward to seeing your final creation. :)

  3. It's just fabulous when the stars align! Enjoy your fabric!

  4. OMG, I need to make that!! Not in that fabric though. . . I'm thinking sunrpints. . . Why do you do this to me, Helen??? I mean thank you for posting :)

    Congrats on getting the fabric, I cannot wait to hear how this goes for you. . .

  5. Oh how fantastic!

  6. Ah, you've got your work cut out for you, but what fun it will be! Fantastic pattern! And great possibilities for quilting.

  7. I agree with Judy. Why do you do this to me Helen! I want that quilt!

  8. What a great quilt, I can see why you want to make it. How perfect all the elements came together, definitely a sign you had to make it.

  9. Oh I think you'll have so much fun making this one...I love that text print too....may just have to get me some!


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