Friday, December 12, 2014

What I Have Learned!

"Ronald's Flight"
If you persist-- your vision will materialize.
If you Love who it is for--you will enjoy every step of the way. 
I can see that I have come along way since starting this journey.

"Swedish Double Chain"
Given a challenge--I am discovering that is my favorite way to quilt.
I can take a traditional design and put a spin on it.
Using what you have is so rewarding.
Friends are such wonderful encouragement. 

 "Swirly Whirly Milky Way" 
My first chance at rejection--but I came out a winner.
I can play with the big girls.
I am not that bad.

 What I have learned from not being accepted at Quilt Con.

After seeing so many wonderful submissions that where not accepted-
I know I am not alone. #quiltconreject #rejectedfromquiltcon 
I know my quilts are good-so I won't stop here.
The people that really count-are always there.
By putting yourself out there-so many new wonderful things have happened.
And as I tell my kids! You have WON if you tired!

Here is a wonderful article that is floating around by Latifah Saafir 

Till We Quilt or Submit Again,


  1. Your work is absolutely amazing! Your quilting is perfection. Don't ever stop what you're doing.

  2. AMEN sister!! :) Your work is AMAZING and WILL get into other shows! Onward and upward :)

  3. "Ronald's Flight" really catches my eye every time I see it. I love the flow of colors in the "sea" and the quilting. I'm sad it isn't in the show. Here is an interesting comment on the process I especially liked the shift from assuming our quilts were an automatic No to maybe they were in a dead heat race, but the other won out by a hair. As we used to say in grad school: It takes 100 rejections before we get published.

    I tried to comment yesterday but the authentication flashed on and off too quickly for me to type anything in when I tried to comment as knitnkwilt. I assume it is a problem higher up at capcha or blogger level--wonder if it has been reported. At least I found I can comment with my google id.


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