Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lucky Me!

This past week I celebrated yet another Birthday!
(when does the madness stop?)

Here is some of the quilty gifts I received.

MY MOM made this adorable piece!
 (she is my #1 supporter)

This design reminded my mom of me. 
And I think she is right-piles to finish!
FYI!--I normally am not wearing a skirt and high heels!
This hangs so nice in my sewing room.
I Love It Mom-Thank You!

My friend Diane made this clever table topper for the fall.
You are the Hexing Queen!
 Thank You Diane! 

Holds over 22 ounces of a drink inside the noodle! OMG!
This is not me in the photo!

When out on the boat the family is keeping me hydrated,
so I can come back refreshed to quilt!
Ya Right!

 And my family got me a iPad.

(photo is of blocks for a challenge in Sept)

I barely know how to turn it on 
but I did find the quilting App pretty darn fast!
I can see this is going to cut into quilting time.
(But in a Good way!)

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Belated Happy Birthday, could you share the quilting app you found for the IPad?

    1. Thank You! There are several programs out there but I used the App called Concepts.
      It is very easy to figure out plus I did do the upgrade for 5.99.

  2. Happy birthday kiddo! You made out like a bandit but deserve it. :)

  3. Happy Birthday!! Wow, quite a haul :D Oh, and we don't want the madness to stop . . . that would be bad, very bad! haha

  4. Happy Birthday! they sure do come around quickly, don't they?


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