Friday, April 25, 2014

Friends on Friday-Eleanor (Quilting in the Dark)

This is Eleanor's beautiful quilt.
I had one huge problem--
I could not see where and what I was quilting.
The thread blended so well that I was blinded.
Photo from Phone
Here is a first for me!
Closed the curtains, removed the machine light bulb
 and put in a black light bulb.

 I was born in the 60's and this felt bit illegal!
If I thought about it hard enough I smelled Patchouli
(which by the way I love and still to this day wear in the fall and winter). Some of you will know exactly
 what I am talking about!!!

I was not a huge fan of the 30's fabrics till I quilted this quilt.
I have collected a nice stash since quilting this.

After all these year, who would have known we would be so closely stitched in friendship and quilting.
Thank You, Eleanor.
Till We Quilt Again,


  1. I love the black light effect!!! It looks so cool! I agree about those vintage fabrics, Eleanor worked magic with them...I like them as well. Lovely work ladies.


  2. Black lights really do help when your thread blends in so well! I have one for my machine...maybe I need to dig it out of whatever "safe place" I put it and try it out! Pretty quilt under that black light!


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