Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rum-Yum Weekend!

On "Throw Back Thursday" I posted about these leafs.
And realized that I had given them all away.
So yesterday I made 2 for our house!

Last year I stumbled onto Rum Chata that is a delicious liquor.
My favorite way of having this deliciousness is in Pumpkin Spiced coffee
during a football game!

Since my SIL's visit last winter, she has become the unofficial "spokes person" promoting
recipes that include RC. She might even be the president of the fan club by now!

Her latest media share was...Rum Chata Pumpkin Pie!
After searching in our stores for
Jello's Pumpkin Spice pudding I ordered it on Amazon.
(I know CRAZY!)

Rum chata pumpkin spice

The recipe is quit simple replace the milk with Rum Chata!
You can also use with vanilla or toasted coconut instant pudding.

Hubby and I tested the pudding with a fire going!
Perfect and Yummy!

Till We Quilt Or Rum Chata Again,

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  1. I absolutely love those maple leafs!!!! Rum Chata sounds divine .... too bad the liquor store is closed today. :)

  2. Oh, Helen - you are an enabler. Now I must go check out Rum Chata. Glad you made some maple leaves for yourself!


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