Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hung-Over & A Car Ride!

And this is why!

Recently returning from 6 days of glamping, quilt retreating, learning, laughing and eating. And with my mom recovering very well from a surgery, has needed assistance in driving. This has   not been any problem but it does brings back memories of pre-license days with my boys. I actually love that there something I can do for her!

Also two days ago I was lucky to Guest Host  Any Thing Goes Monday Link Up Party for Marelize from Stitch By StitchWell, what a ride that was. This was my first experience and can I say-- I Loved it. I have meet so many fantastic bloggers and look forward to exploring more about them. And if you have not linked up there is still time-- go here and join the fun.

Then as if that was not enough, as you read this I am heading up to Vermont to do some winter cleaning, at our ski house for the upcoming season!

So.... since it is WIP-Wednesday this is what I am working on while passing the time heading north!

I know this is Lacking a bit of luster but hopefully by the time I have added 135 hexagons it will sing a different tune!

And if I get tired of hexi's I can go onto fingerless mittens! I would not label myself a skilled knitter. But I am loving these! And may have them done by the time I get back!

I am terminated to knit something more than a scarf. My talented knitting friend asked if I was adding gussets for thumbs. WHAT IS THAT? was my reaction. So maybe that will be my next knitting adventure! :-)

Till We Quilt Again,

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  1. I don't think your quilt is 'lacking a bit of luster' at all!! Love it! I want to see the rest of it ;)

    Your fingerless mittens look awesome! The yarn you are using is fab, can't wait to see what a thumb gusset looks like! :D

    I wish I could knit. . . I might have to break down and actually take a class. I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. I prefer the look over crochet and have all the stuff to try tunisian crochet which looks like knitting but is not. . . I need to get on that LOL

  2. Your quilt has quite the bit of luster! Amazing quilting on it Can't wait to see what you do with the hexies!

  3. From what I can see that quilt looks awesome. Hexies will only add to it. Are you just adding them to the top after it's been quilted? I'm really intrigued.

  4. I love knitting and, like you, do not label myself as a skilled knitter. Fingerless gussets? What? I delight in patterns that are knit, purl, YO - those I can handle. Your yarn choice is beautiful. What is it?

  5. Nice to see another knitting WIP this week! I am also trying to knit something more than a scarf. I love your yarn choice - isn't seed stitch a beautiful stitch?

  6. 135 hexies ~ you have a lot more patience then I do! Love the quilting.

  7. Your gloves are great, the quilt is beautiful! With all that, you still have time to take care of Mom and business! Thanx for the inspiration.



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