Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Will We Or Won't We?

Go Out On The Boat!
Awoke to heat and overcast skies. Our plan is to head out on the boat since time is ticking away since our youngest soon heads back to Florida. So while the clouds linger, I have been working on our guild UFO Challenge piece. I know all of your quilts are perfectly square! But some of mine either have to be blocked or they just look nicer when blocked. There are several ways of blocking but I did take photos on how I do mine however I will post that after our meeting. 

Here are a few pics blocking earlier today.

I was contemplating making jam but remembered the other day Kelly from Pink A Dot Quilts made a yummy pie. Being on the fence my son asked if I would make some Peach Soup. My mother always made us strawberry, blueberry or mixed fruit soup. It is a bowl of comfort!  

Today also starts the:

Wednesday, September 3

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OH! The suns out--gotta run!!

Have A Great Day!
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  1. What is that? A quilter's Laser Transit?

    1. I stumbled upon this while routing through my husbands workshop for a Square. Amazing the tools that can be used for quilting!

  2. I love when tools are used for what they weren't intended!! Girl power!!! Peach soup? Great idea...I must get more peaches!! I am all ears about the tell! It's a good day when you can quilt and spend time with your family!


  3. I've never blocked a quilt but I think it does a difference to the finish of the quilt. Peach Soup sounds delicious!!!

  4. I need a laser square!!! My quilts are typically NOT square when I finish quilting them. . . and I have blocked a couple of them but am excited to see how you do yours! Heading to Amazon. . . ;) or maybe ACE. . . later before grocery shopping. . . priorities you know! HA


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