Saturday, September 6, 2014

Peachy Keen!

I appreciate the labor of a detailed & involved recipe.
However I am all about easy-delicious-fast.

Peach Soup
As a child one of the comfort foods that my mother would make is fruit soup. Whether is was strawberry, blueberry or mixed berry. Nothing beat the warm fruit soup with ice cold milk. I do not recall having peach soup but my son asked if I could try it with peaches. I did find some recipes that resemble what we are use to, but remember my easy-delicious-fast policy!   
So here is my version!

25-30 ripe white peaches
1 can of Whole Coconut Milk (13.5 oz.)

Rinse peaches, remove pit and put in a pot (yeap-leave the skin on--it is good fiber). Simmer on low with a lid until peach's start to boil in their own juices. Spoon 1/2 to 3/4 of the chunks into a blender (reserving the remaining chunks). Blend and return to a pot. Add a can of coconut milk to the blended puree, stir till dissolved and add remaining peach chunks. Optional to add vanilla and sugar--but mine was sweet enough! It is a healthy bowl of COMFORT!  I like to freeze some for the winter months too! 

Soup is not very yellow since I used white peaches.

Since I had more peaches I made some....

Peach Ice Cream
A few years ago I discovered a recipe for making ice cream without an ice cream maker. I make this for special occasions and have discovered many variations however my favorite is adding cardamom and bits of vanilla fudge--OMG!  There are many recipes but this is the one I adapted for our home to be less sweet than those I have found.

4-cups of Whole or Heavy Whipping Cream
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk (about 14 oz)
2 scraped Vanilla Beans 
6 peaches-diced 

Blend cream, sweetened condensed milk and scraped vanilla beans in a mixing bowl.
When blended add diced peaches and freeze for at least 6 hour or overnight.
Invite your quilting friends and have fun!

Vanilla Bean is a must in this recipe!

Till We Quilt Or Cook Again,


  1. Oh my peaches!!! Thank you(I think) from the girl who started Weight Watchers on Thursday! I'm going out for peaches in a few minutes....that soup is calling my name!! Thank you again for sharing your yumminess!!


  2. Yum yum yum! I just bought ingredients today to make home-made ice cream. Must be wanting to extend summer just a little bit longer.

  3. Ohh the soup sounds delicious!! Coconut milk and peaches would be such a great combo. It's a few months until peaches are in season here but I'm looking forward to trying this. Your ice cream recipe sounds extra tasty too.


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