Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thanks For The Reminder!

I am wondering.......
how many times I can rip a project apart before it falls apart?

Our quilt guild recently sent us a reminder that I am to have a UFO completed for our September meeting.

Above is the pile of hst's that I committed to finish!

What is wrong with me?
By the time I am done ripping and re-ripping, there will be nothing left!!

Till We Quilt Again,
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  1. Go get yourself the easy angle ruler for your HST's - your ripping days will be over and the project done in no time!! Breathe and go have some fun with this challenge! You can do it!!!!!!!

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  3. Why don't you tell us...apparently you have a pretty good idea how many times you unsewn it!! I haven't even touched mine either! You can do it...I'm gonna give it my best to get mine done! Wishing us both luck to get them done! There's nothing wrong with you, you are just right!!


    1. Over the years! I would say at least 5 times (after majority was together)--however there could have been more times. But I did a good portion of it today---so I am feeling much better!!

  4. Sounds like it's time to be creative - just use what you have and come up with a new design! Intentional Plan B.

  5. That happens to me sometimes, I seem to unpick more than I sew!! Good luck getting your project done by the September meeting. I'm sure you can do it.


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