Friday, August 15, 2014

Flash Back Friday!

For as simple as this quilt was to sew--it was a challenge for me.
Between the colors being used and quilting choices.  These two quilts were my introduction into the modern style of quilting in negative space. For the full story plus detailed photos click Here.

What I learned:
Inspiration & ideas eventually come when thought over enough (well several months).
Not to be afraid of solids.
Know that it will not be perfect & that is OK!

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                                                   Quilty Flashback Friday photo QFF_zps4df0cd76.gif

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. As much as I love orange, the blue one really appeals to me.

  2. Oooh, yum! And I love the quilting! They both look great!

  3. I love chevron quilts! I've made one, but want to try it again. Yours are beautiful!

  4. You picked the perfect opportunity to practice and feature the FMQ, nicely done. Solids still freak me out a little with how unforgiving they are while quilting them.

  5. I've tried to embrace "better done than perfect." Your quilts are lovely. Thanks for sharing them!

  6. Very nice - and definitely a great lesson to learn, one we all need to remind ourselves about every now and again. Thanks for linking up to Quilty Flashback Friday!

  7. What a lovely quilt! Your FMQ looks great.


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