Monday, July 7, 2014

Quilt Con & a Mason Jar!

My husband and I for years throw our spare change into a bucket and every January before we go skiing, we cash it in. It is fun to see how much that change actually adds up to be. Can I say, this family of four (now three) usually gets close to 4 weekly passes of skiing each year! Wahoo!!!

So this year I am joining Val over at Val's Quilting Studio who is holding a penny-pinching challenge. Since I am heading to Quilt Con in February, I will cash out my savings to take to Austin but will continue to the end of the challenge to see what I had saved!  

Val's Quilting Studio

So.... hop on over to Val's blog if you want to join in. And lets see what you end up getting.

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Serious, 4 weekly ski ARE good at penny pinching! How exciting to be saving for Quilt Con! So glad you joined the challenge's fun seeing what everyone does with their change.

  2. Yes I got in last minute. Exciting to save for Quilt Con. I am sure it's going to be nice.

  3. Now I really like the idea of saving to go to a big quilting event!


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