Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I've Been Tagged!

If you do not know Judy at Quilt Paradigm.
Let me introduce you!

Paradigm means-model, example and pattern.
Which is what Judy has created on her blog!

I stumbled onto her page and have been hooked.
I guess it can be called Blog Chemistry.
Whenever I see her post in my inbox, 
I know I am in for a creative treat! 

Here are a few recent pics from her blog. 
Hop on over to see her great posts.
Pretty sure you might end up following her as well!

Judy does her quilting on her domestic machine. 

I was lucky to be tagged by Judy to participate in the 
"Around The World Blog Hop" 
My big day is Monday August 4th.

The fun part about this blog hop is getting to meet other bloggers  and to hear and see what their creative & work process is.
Also I get to tag 3 blogs that I stalk enjoy reading & follow.

If you get a chance leave a comment on Judy's page,
I am sure she would love to hear from you.

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. I am glad I was not drinking anything when I read "blogs I stalk enjoy reading" :D I do sometimes feel like a stalked :) Speaking of which, for some reason Bloglovin is not feeding me your new posts! Going to sign up for email notification. . . cannot be missing your posts :) And thank you for all of the kind words :) Judy

  2. Congratulations on being tagged. Judy's quilts are really fun.


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