Thursday, June 19, 2014

Love'n The Journey!

Quilting has a way of exposing, creating and changing our paths.
From places we go, people we meet and friends
 we meet along the way.

Several months ago our local guild needed to temporarily reschedule our meeting nights, which opened the opportunity to attend a Modern guild meeting.
Stumbling into a neat historical building in Ocean Grove, NJ 
my circle of quilting friendship & inspiration grew larger! 

Here is a few snip-its of several inspirational gatherings over the past few months.
The historical lighting is not the best in the photos.

 Hit Play and Enlarge The Screen (bottom left corner)!
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I am Linked with Nini & The Sea Here for their weekly Inspiration Party 
Nini & The Sea

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Boy can you keep a secret! What a surprise ~ this is so fantastic!! I'm so thrilled that you found us and look forward to many happy times with you and Denise!

  2. Helen!!! How awesome was that!?!?! I'm so glad you and Denise found our guild!!!


  3. FABULOUS!! Thanks so much for putting this together and sharing! It's wonderful presentation!


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