Monday, May 5, 2014

May For Me On A Monday!

"May For Me!"  
is a linking party at Marcia"s Crafty Sewing blog. 
During the month of May you can share what you 
do to make time for yourself, even if only for 5 minutes!

One way I honor "Me Time" is by........ 
"Doodling on the Deck"

I enjoy sitting outside, draw a few lines and
 get familiar with future quilt designs.
Whats that saying "Muscle Memory"? 

Here is where I pull out ALL those books that I seem to 
collect and play with the pen so I am ready for that special quilt
that needs that special design.

I just love this wood fabric from IKEA!

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. You doodle bug, you! Great way to get that muscle memory fired up and to enjoy the moment, too. Beautiful roses!

  2. Damn - you are one creative lady. You're the one with the brilliant mind!

  3. How very relaxing and you've inspired me to get my sketchbook unburied!! I've visiting from Marcia's and added myself as a GFC follower! I just fell in love with your blog and creative work. Stop by and perhaps follow too! I'd like to personally invite you to join us tomorrow for TUesday Archives, a linky party at my blog where you rejuvenate OLD posts according to the weekly theme! It's really been a lot of fun so far! With smiles, Val from

  4. I love your doodles! It is a great way to relax and reset your brain! You are such a source of inspiration for me...thank you for sharing.



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