Friday, May 16, 2014

Inspiration Party and Give Away!

1the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something,
 especially to do something creative.
2. the drawing in of a breath; inhalation

#1 happens only if I am doing #2 
(I see you chuckling!)

Here is how it works for me:
Stage 1. 
There is chatter and mass confusion swirling in my head. 
My definition of this experience is called "Pre-inspiration"
It is the excitement of what is to come!

Stage 2. 
Then it is time to let it go! 
Just stop thinking--yes, this can be hard-but it is a must for me.

Stage 3. 
"Arrival Time" of that wonderful thing called Inspiration!
This happens anywhere or anytime. 
Usually for me it is when I am very still and calm, like sitting on the deck, closing my eyes for a few minutes, even while in the shower,
but mainly when I am sleeping! 

Nothing is as more wonderful (in the way of creativity) than having
 the vision awaken me, slip out of bed and tip-toe to my book, 
where my ideas are written and drawn.
Once the thought is on paper I can return to bed without 
any lose of the Inspiration that just came!

onto the Give Away!
Chelsey at Nini And The Sea's Blog is starting a 
Inspiration Linking Party! 

This duo team is filled with so much inspiration and creativity that you need to check out their blog and all the neat things happening!
This sound like fun to me!  

Nini & The Sea
 (Click on button)

I will be giving away a half yard of the fabric below and
all you need to do is leave a comment on: 
How or where does Inspiration strikes you?

Fabric by Patty Young "AndaLucia" by Micheal Miller

Bonus Give Away!
1 Full Yard and a Inspirational Journal for Quilters
to anyone that comments here and links at 
Nini And The Sea's Linking Party

1 yard of fabric and Quilter Journal.

Good Luck!
Give Away will end Thursday May 22nd at midnight (EST).
Winner will be picked Friday May 23rd.
Please leave email if you are a Non-Replyer

Till We Quilt Again,

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  1. Gorgeous fabrics. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Inspiration strikes at all times for me, sometimes in my dreams sometimes at the grocery store. And when it does I try to doodle it in one of my notebooks as soon as possible. And once that idea is in my notebook, sometimes it spreads to another :).

  3. Inspiration strikes me when I am doing a boring task (so most of the time at work) or if my mind is resting, like when I am riding the bus. Then the ideas flood and I have to commit them to paper right away, before they I always carry a notebook.

  4. I frequently wake up feeling inspired. And like a lot of others I need to write it out so I don't lose it. I love that fabric! Thanks!

  5. Hi Helen, I saw your link on Nini & The Sea... lately I've been getting inspiration from other blogs and link parties. I also find inspiration often strikes when I'm lying in bed just about to fall asleep.

  6. Thanks for all the support Helen! You are AWESOME! I hope the linky party continues to grow!

  7. Usually with my morning coffee, I have a journal and its never around me. Or I could be outside sipping wine and bam and idea.... I just made me a journal with a mermaid vintage print, hopefully I will be inspired to write in it..


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