Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Got Mail!

Love getting mail, 
especially when it is  

"Fiber Art"!

Our guild recently had a lecture and wonderful workshop with Terry Kramzar. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Terry's travel adventures and learning the process that Terry discovered while creating her amazing quilts. With life's interruptions--I am still in the process of completing our workshop piece.

Over the weekend I received this incredible piece of Art in the mail. It is a Fiber Art post card from Terry. We started to correspond a few years back and finally our meeting came full circle. Words can not describe how much I treasure this piece that Terry made.

Don't you just love the towns name?

Today I was mailing off my two Giveaway packages.
These stamps were a gift from my family.
(Stamps are custom made at Zazzle)
Aren't they Fun? 

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Wow, that postcard is beautiful! She is such a classy quilter and lady. I love your quilting stamps they are fun!! I like your pics with the flowers they are such pretty colors.


  2. Love the postcard , just beautiful !

  3. Gorgeous post card - definitely a treasure!! Your quilting stamps are fabulous!!!

  4. Thanks, Helen. The pleasure was all mine. I just know our paths will cross again. And those stamps are way cool!

  5. I love that postcard!! I've seen a few blogs about them, but this is the most beautiful one I've seen!


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