Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Birds Flocking Together!

A few birds flew south to Virginia Beach this past weekend for the
Birds Of A Feather-Conference


This event was so organized that they
 somehow supplied Abigail,
a swan who wanted to join the fun. 

Too Cute!

A few highlights from the weekend!
There was something special about the teachers!
Their humble ways mixed with incredible knowledge made for unforgettable classes.
Many Friendships were made!
And the Quilting shown....
was so outrageous
the only words that comes to me is 
Quilting Porn!
Pictures are in no special order.




Me on 3 hours sleep--Just say' in
You can find Angela Walters here.

Jan wishing you the best with your new toy!
And there is my friend Carolyn after taking another great class.
This was our meeting spot!





All the quilting above was done freehand!

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Beautiful!!! What was the new toy???

    1. Jan was going home with a new Long Arm. It is a beauty and wish Jan and Bill all the best!

  2. That is beautiful quilting...thanx for the inspiration. I'm glad it was worth the trip!


    1. So.....worth the trip! And photos never seem to do the quilting justice. It was spectacular quilting!

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