Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Make It Right Challenge" Swirly Twirly Milky Way!


"Swirly Twirly Milky Way"

As my Studio, She-Cave or Zen Den
(what shall I call it?)
is coming into focus--
The "Make It Right Challenge"
came at just the right time.


 has a newsletter.
 Where quilters submit quilty related blog posts, photos, tutorials and information.


I liked the clean, fresh modern look of the block
 and knew this block had a future with me
Click here to see a traditional Dresden Plate.


I enlarged Vicki's dresden since I wanted the
dresden to be large. The solids worked well to make the dresden stand out. And truth be told,
I had know idea that we could use
 Angela's Line of fabrics which

has pattern to them.

As this block and ideas were spinning around
in my head--up pops
 Angela Walters from Quilting Is My Therapy
with the Make-It-Right-Challenge.
Click above for full list of rules.

The Black Hole of the Swirly Twirly Milky Way 
It became a No-Brainer for me to enter!
1). Wanted to decorate a wall.
2). Liked Angela's fabrics.
3). Practice quilting.
4).Timed contest to have finished (Yeah!).
5). Plus enter a Challenge.
Used 2 layers of Quilters Dream Batting.
Colored changed the thread to match each color. 
And the Milky Way
was then created in my Universe!
And heres the back!
Fabric was not wasted on this quilt!

Binding was pieced from
small leftover scraps. 
Click HERE to vote.
Votes are counted by RePins and Like totals.
Do not Repin from this post--they will not count.
Voting open till June 27th.

 Where The
Swirly Twirly Milky Way
I wanted to hide a queen size bed!
So my husband ran a ceiling track.
Had sewn a quilt, and added some grommets


Slide the quilt in front of the book case.
Pillows are stored on top of the bed.
(I have plans to utilize the under side
of the bed in the near future.)

So this is what the room looks like for
short stay visitors.


 But when my son or guests can stay longer,
down comes the quilt (quilt can be used on bed).
 And the guests can store their personal items
 in the bookcases.

Art Gallery Fabrics manufactures the fabric.
And I purchased it at Contemporary Cloth.
I did not use the plum, purple or
pink in the challenge.

But there is another quilt
started on the design wall.

The quilting added the texture. 
 And the pillows were needed
 To finish it off!

Thank You for looking and taking the time to Vote!
Till We Quilt Again,
she has a fun post on displaying you quilts.


  1. I love it all, the quilt, the pull down bed, the multi-tasking quilt studio. Very nice.

    1. Hello Leslie, Thank You it was All fun to watch it come together. Now, just need the time to enjoy it! Hope all is well with you!

  2. That room is great!!! You are so clever!! I love your challenge quilt, all that quilting is beautiful! I can't wait to vote...and see all the other entries!

    1. The room did turn the way I wanted (hiding that bed!). The challenge was fun and allot of thread. I am also looking forward to see all the creative entries. Thank You--My Fiber partner in Crime!

  3. Beautiful! Good luck with the contest.

  4. Thank You! "Pieces of Love" I am sure there are going to be some beauties showing up!!!

  5. Helen, this is soooo beautiful! I have voted and sure hope you win!Good luck!

  6. Just voted for you - Good luck - it's awesome!

  7. I like your quilts very much because you always adopt amazing designs that's why I am your huge fan.

  8. Replies
    1. Thank You Amira, I really like how the colors worked with each other!

  9. Helen this quilt is beautiful! I hope you bring it Wednesday so we can all see it in person. And I really love how you hide your extra bed.

    1. Thank You all for the warm comments. I will have the quilt with me on Wed and look forward to seeing you and eveyone again.

  10. Beautiful Quilt! And your room and bed solution is ingenious!

    1. Thank You, I really enjoy having a room to call my own!!!

  11. Beautiful quilt and I LOVE the solution to your hide a bed!
    Thank you for sharing.

    in Seattle

    1. I have enjoyed how this room has come together. I look forward to posting where I hide other things.

  12. Great quilt. I love how you can hide the bed when the room is in use as your studio and easily transform everything when guests come to stay. The Dresden wall hanging is so beautiful.

    1. I enjoy the "Now You See It- Now Your Don't". I plan to other hidden secrets soon!

  13. That is such a clever idea with the quilt hiding the Murphy bed! And that swirly-twirly dresden quilt!! OMG, it's just beautiful and I love the entire concept and how all the quilting just brought it all together. Good luck with the contest!

  14. Brilliant...and beautiful to boot!!

    1. Necessity sometimes creates useful things! This one seemed to work for me. Thank You Helen

  15. Thanks Diane, Love to combine creative and useful. Helen

  16. Helen, it is just fantastic, everything. The quilt, the bed, the room, your quilting, just fantastic.

  17. Helen, that is positively BRILLIANT...what a wonderful way to get to enjoy the fruits of your labors & yet provide some coverage for the upturned bed as well. BRAVO!!

    I'm so very envious of you gals that have long arm quilting capabilities. Maybe someday ~*big sigh*~

    Thanks for stopping by..I appreciated your comments very much.


  18. Gorgeous! I love this quilt, Helen. You really have an eye for matching the perfect fabrics with a wonderful design PLUS... your idea for making your sewing room double duty as a guest room is so brilliant. Really, it's such a welcoming space and a creative idea to make the most of your space. Well done!

  19. Wonder quilt. Love this very much! I found another another fabric store which is Broadway Fabrics.


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