Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today We Celebrate Santa Lucia!

Today is Santa Lucia!
Which will be celebrated all over Sweden!
As well as in New Jersey, USA    

Our family will arrive VERY early today to my mothers house with Swedish pancakes, 
whipped cream and fresh berries.
The children will have lite candles and sing Santa Lucia.
True tradition is to have Saffron Bread.

Our church congregation had many Scandinavian, Germany and Finnish immigrants at one time. My mother (from Sweden) and many of the church members
 are keeping the traditions alive for future generations. 
 Each year in the beginning of December, they hold a Lucia Pageant at our church.
Everyone works making Swedish meatballs, split pea soup, limpa bread,
 cardamon bread, almond ring bread, and homemade 
German, Finnish and Swedish cookies
 plus we must have 
herring, lingon berry and farmers cheese.

There are many Scandinavian traditions that we celebrate
and this pageant has become another tradition for so many
families in our area. 

Most years I make a quilt that is raffled. 
And the proceeds go to 
"World Hunger"

This Years Quilt!

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Thanks for your words concerning the Swedish tradition with Lucia and our Scandinavian Christmas tradition.
    We have now snow covering the whole Sweden, even in the south part of Sweden, Malmö, where I am living.
    I am now going to have a traditional Swedish Christmas smorgasbord at a school where my niece is a student to be a cook.
    Have a happy Lucia
    Britt-Inger from Sweden

  2. I LOVE tradition! Learning about Sweden through you and your family is a joy for me. I love hearing about families spending time together and remembering the past. Your quilt is beautiful...and a great benefactor one should go hungry, especially the young.

    I wanna celebrate Lucia next year....mmm, maybe around 10 am? :)



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