Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Artsy

Brooke's Eyes

My niece, was redoing her room. The theme she was going for
was a black/gray studio feel. The room was in need of a very dramatic art piece. Brooke has long dark hair with deep blue eyes, plus the longest eyelashes I have seen.

I came across a online class by Ellen Lindner. Even though the class was not on specifically eyes, I knew I could use this technique while making this.
The fabric was applied to a canvas and sealed with a medium fixture. Then it was framed and looks beautiful in her room. I could have done this as a quilt, but the room needed art work in a frame.

For more information on Ellen's class go to
The class is "Sticky Fingers"
You will see Brooke's Eyes in the Students Gallery

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. What an amazing piece of art you created!

  2. Thanks Terry it was allot of fun to make. But more important was how much Brooke liked it!!

  3. This is a beautiful work of art, and wow factor for a young woman's room! Your work is beautiful! Thanx for sharing!


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