Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Really Miss Her!

 This wall quilt was made on my Dearly Departed fancy machine that I once had. 
I love the way it came out!
All the squares were done on the embroidery part of the machine. 
 There was a total of 24 designs and only used 5 in this piece (photo not so clear) 
 It took awhile to get over the loss of her.
 I think back to all that she was capable of doing and had done.
Nothing will ever take her place, but threw some wine and fabric shopping therapy.
I have come to Love my New Machines but in a different way!
The Quilting Still Goes On!!

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. So, why did you not keep her? What did you get to replace her? How long ago did she leave you? Pretty quilt!

  2. Well, she died. Ironically 2 months after her warrenty was up (I thought that was a bit odd) and this was 2 years ago. Since then then I have gone with a basic Bernia machine and I also a mid-arm. So my playing time has changed.

  3. Don't feel bad. I killed "Bernie" my first Bernina. I fried his brains. Took me a long time to get over him..... :)

  4. I'm not attached to my machine! The blocks are beautiful....


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