Monday, October 6, 2014

Nails and Quilting!

Recently I posted how I store my metal bobbins. 
Which you can see photos and read about Here
However many of you use plastic bobbins. 
So this got me thinking!

Still use a magnetic dry erase board.
Still use mini magnets.

But here is the solution for plastic bobbins!
After alittle looking I found some flat head nails.

(If hubby only knew what goes on while he is away!)

These seem to be about 1 1/2 inches long. 
And my philosophy is "go with whatever he has".

 Now for this part! 
I really won't care if the points
 were removed or not. That is totally up to you.

You can see how nicely they attach with the magnet.

 The nice part about leaving the point on is you can store same colored bobbins together or several on one nail.

I placed these on my little dry erase board 
so you could see a better photo.
Plus this is great if you are limited in a space.

And better yet, if the nail was long enough it
 could hold the bobbin and a spool of thread!

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Till We Quilt Again,


  1. That was supposed to be great idea!!

  2. You clever lady!!! This is zactly why I like having you never stop inspiring me!! Thanx!!


  3. Fabulous idea!! I need three different ones cuz my machines take all different bobbins. Now, how about addressing the storage of the large cones of thread my longarm uses...I need to figure out a way to store at least 100-150 cones!! You are so brilliant and creative, I know you'll come up with something that would never cross my mind!!!

  4. You're so clever with your magnetic board. Thanks for sharing this handy idea.

  5. Great idea,thanks for sharing!!
    Only two metal bobbins and the other ones, five, are plastic and they are in a little box.

  6. So clever!! I have the perfect wall for to hang a board.

    Right now I have a wooden stand for my threads and it's constantly falling over ~ makes me crazy. Thanks for such a great way to store threads + bobbins!


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