Friday, November 21, 2014

Friend's On Friday-Brenda

Brenda and her grandson made this quilt together.

Her grandson cut the wavy line repeatedly till he got it just right.
Brenda set it in!

Brenda and her grandson where specific on the quilting details they choose together.

Pattern-There own unique design.
Size- 79 x 84
Quilting-Meander and Ditch quilting

Till We Quilt Again,

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throw Back Thursday- Tutorial

In 2011 I was making allot of fall leafs.
Click Here to read how to make them.

They make for a great hostess gift.
And don't forget the wine!

Till We Quilt Again,

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Short & Sweet

For the past few days I have been posting the progress of this quilt on 
Instagram and Face Book. 

You can find me here on

And I coming around the corner with the binding!

I plan to have the finished quilt hanging on the wall for when he comes
 home for Thanksgiving.

Gotta run-heading to Jersey Shore Modern Guild meeting!

Till We Quilt Again,

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friend's on Friday-Renee

Renee's sent me this antique quilt top that was pieced by hand and machine.
To the best of my knowledge it was pieced using shirts mainly from the 30's & 40's. 

Renee requested that I not quilt several of the blocks so that she could 
include some hand quilting.
You can see the nine patch blocks with pins that I did not quilt.

It was a challenge to quilt where several of the blocks had
 been cut while adding borders along with lining up hatching.
But I  think it added to the time period of the quilt.

Wonder where this was created, when and by whom?
By the time I finished I had a imaginary story going on in my head.

Pattern-Nine Patch
Size-80 x 64
Batting-Quilters Dream
Quilting-Cross Hatch

Till We Quilt Again,

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Warm Your Heart! (Free Pattern)

56 children will be warmer this winter.
60 children in-need will receive a gift in a handmade pillow case this Christmas.
103 animals in the local shelters can snuggle on a bed this winter.
80 "Meals On Wheels" recipients will receive a beautiful place-mat with their 
Thanksgiving dinner.

Every year, Novembers meeting is a pot luck dinner for Thanksgiving.
A meeting that is a bit out of the norm.
Last night our Charity committee held a "Parade Of Quilts" so everyone could see what incredible items made over the year.
Also a representative from CASA was there to speak and collect the quilts for the children. 
The other items will be delivered all over this week. 

I wish I had photos but I was helping with the parade!

Here is one of my contributions!
A child's blanket and pillowcase.

This is a great project!

This is a great time to try out some free motion! 

Till We Quilt Again,

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So Whats In Your.........

Tackle Box ?

 Here is the evolving collection of my EPP supply box.

This weeks WIP!

 I am so..happy to say this is the last 5 hexi's out of 135 .........

with the binding......

going onto finish this Traditional quilt 
that has been twisted into my Modern version! 

Till We Quilt Again,

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Only 99 Days Till......!

Quilt Con!

Here are sneak-peeks of 2 blocks!
for my Modern Chicklets!

For a Queen Bee!
(shh--she might figure out this is for her).

Quilt Con Charity Block 

Till We Quilt Again,

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sew I needed.....


Used one layer of insulated batting and one layer of batting.

Placed a hexagon piece and kept adding scrap strips to the sides.

It was a QAYG project.

Add some binding
and done in a afternoon!

Till We Quilt Again,

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mittens (Free Tut.) & A Scarf!

My first set of fingerless mittens!
Here is the free pattern at Lula Louise

In my style of doing things--I had to change it a little to be completely the seed stitch.
You will see the difference if you look at pattern.

And why stop there!
Also made a simple lace pattern for a scarf !
This I just increased as I went along.

 Here is my matching set for those chilly days!

In a previous post several asked about the yarn.
I have know idea what it is.
It was not cheap-- but boy it is soft.
I got it at a yarn store not from a chain.

Till We Quilt Or Knit Again,

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Friend's On Friday-Martha

An Old Fashion Christmas!

 Pattern-Martha's design
Size- 78 x 83
Batting-Quilters Dream 
Quilting-Freehand and Ruler Work

Till We Quilt Again,

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hung-Over & A Car Ride!

And this is why!

Recently returning from 6 days of glamping, quilt retreating, learning, laughing and eating. And with my mom recovering very well from a surgery, has needed assistance in driving. This has   not been any problem but it does brings back memories of pre-license days with my boys. I actually love that there something I can do for her!

Also two days ago I was lucky to Guest Host  Any Thing Goes Monday Link Up Party for Marelize from Stitch By StitchWell, what a ride that was. This was my first experience and can I say-- I Loved it. I have meet so many fantastic bloggers and look forward to exploring more about them. And if you have not linked up there is still time-- go here and join the fun.

Then as if that was not enough, as you read this I am heading up to Vermont to do some winter cleaning, at our ski house for the upcoming season!

So.... since it is WIP-Wednesday this is what I am working on while passing the time heading north!

I know this is Lacking a bit of luster but hopefully by the time I have added 135 hexagons it will sing a different tune!

And if I get tired of hexi's I can go onto fingerless mittens! I would not label myself a skilled knitter. But I am loving these! And may have them done by the time I get back!

I am terminated to knit something more than a scarf. My talented knitting friend asked if I was adding gussets for thumbs. WHAT IS THAT? was my reaction. So maybe that will be my next knitting adventure! :-)

Till We Quilt Again,

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