Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Vest For Mom and Giveaway

 My Mom, 
 Encourager, Supporter, Cheerleader
and Friend!
 (but Mom always first!).
(Houston Give Away Below)

 I participated in my first Blog Hop a few posts back.
In the Hop I used 2 fabrics.
I liked the green fabric so.... much, that I took all the remaining cuts
(OK..they are scraps but I can't label them that, when recreating Art--Right?)
and added a few additional cuts to the cover the top!
Added a FEW fall leafs that was cut with the Accu-Quilt.
I was going for a subtle "Fall" look.
Kinda like a pile of crinkled leafs with only a few Whole Jewels in the crowd.
(Alright poetry is not my thng!)

The fabric cuts were applied to a sweatshirt!
Traced a favorite store purchased vest as a pattern to cut the arms a edges.

It was quilted on a mid-arm!
A domestic machine works just as nice.

May just need to make one for me too!

Allot of people that follow this blog will be in Houston.
So be on the look-out,  the first person that stops my mom
 and says that they saw this post, 
will get a pile of leafs. 

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. I am sorry that I am not at the Houston show. The jacket is wonderful.

  2. LOVE the vest! What a fun give away! Have a great time in Houston! ~C

  3. You are so clever!! I like another use for our free motion quilting than just making quilts!! I love your idea for the give added bonus to all the fun in glad you arrived go have some fun, don't worry about us back here with Hurricane Sandy, we'll be fine, really.

  4. Love that vest! You cut sweatshirt vest pattern-
    before you sewed your pieces on to shirt?


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