Sunday, October 4, 2015

The One That Almost Got Away & Fall Inspiration

I am not sure why this quilt had never made it on the blog.  This quilt hangs on the landing that leads into my sewing room during the fall months. All of the fabrics are Kaffee. There are so many quilting hiccups on this quilt however it still makes me happy! 

Here are a few Fall Inspirational posted by others.... 

This one had me at Vodka!

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Such a beautiful quilt, Helen! A quilt like this is on my quilty bucket list, yours is just gorgeous!!

  2. Autumn Apple Cider Sangria would be a perfect name for that beautiful quilt!

    1. I knew I liked how your mind works---Perfect!

  3. Sooo Fabulous!! Just like you!


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