Thursday, October 9, 2014

"TLC" & Portraits

Let me introduce you to........

Denise holding Kendall.
Denise made several other portraits in different techniques!
I was in such amazement--I didn't get photos of them all.
Hope she post them on her blog in the near future.




I few weeks back one of our family friend's son came to me asking 
if I could save his wedding quilt.
You can tell this quilt is loved and used often!

It came to me after the dog decided to use it as a teething toy!

I ended up cutting off several inches of the border
 all away around the quilt!

 After seeing how well used this guilt was I decided to machine the binding to the front and loosely attach to the back (time was a factor here) by hand.  Then reinforced with a machine blanket stitch to grab the front and back for durability. 
They have 2 young children and a teething dog! 

 This quilt was hand made the Amish in Lancaster PA.
and was all hand quilted.

Ironically I quilted a quilt for a women from Lancaster 2 years ago that made the same pattern. Here is a few photos.

She came in 2nd at their County Fair.

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. The portraits are wonderful, did you do one too?
    My son's dog ate their quilt too. the patch is rough but they don't even care!

  2. Great job on rescuing the quilt! Personally, I like the quilting on the one you quilted much better!!

  3. Superb salvage job of wedding quilt ~ now give it back along with a muzzle for their puppy! :)

  4. Way to go on the rescue!! I need to do that on Greg's quilt - Rubi's puppy munchers got into it pretty good, not as bad as this one tho!

    The one you quilted is AMAZING!! There was one at the quilt show yesterday! My first thought was, I have to make one of those! LOL Your version of quilting is spectacular!!


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