Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How To Help Sadness

There is something therapeutic about looking over pictures (while remembering), selecting fabrics and spending hours coming to terms with your lose, while creating from the lose. That is, at least how it was for my son & I when we lost someone that we were very close to.

This photo is my Dad-Ron!
I did not make this quilt until several years after he died. For me, making this quilt was intense but also calming. Through the process I would float off remembering how wonderful he was and all the great memories that we shared. This quilt has allot of Love Tear Drops on it!!!
He died at the age of 59.
The quilt has over 4900-1 inch squares.
Dad & I had a few silent arguments while constructing this quilt!

This is Lady!!!!!

Our sons grew up with Lady. She was their protector and friend. When she died, my youngest son took it hard. At first he did not want to make a quilt but then changed his mind. So he & I made up the pattern. He selected ALL the fabrics. And he got started.
Everyday after school he would drop his book bag and run to start putting fabrics down. During the process of making it he would talk and talk (and cry) about his dog "Lady". On the back there is a envelope that has his letter to Lady. Someday he will take that quilt with him and read his letter.

Not only does quilts keep us warm, bring us joy but also helps to overcome sadness!!
What A Great Hobby We Have!!!

Till We Quilt Again,


  1. Those quilts are beautiful. I hope they bring you much joy and comfort. God Bless.

  2. Janet,

    I feel the process of making the quilt. The time, thoughts and remembering while making the quilt, adds to moving on from the pain to bringing a smile to your heart. At least for me it does.

  3. Helen,

    What a nice post! We lost our Licorice a yr ago in November, I would love to make a memory quilt. I know my Mom lost lots of tears making Brady's memory quilt, but when we see it now we smile, it provides lots of comfort for his son Connor! Thank you for sharing a really nice side of quilting.

  4. What a wonderful legacy you've given your son to be able to grieve in such a constructive way. Love your quilts and it must be wonderful to have your Dad watching over you.

  5. How wonderful these are. I'v been wanting to try this method and you have inspired me to persue it. Thank you Hope all your tears will be tears of joy


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